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OFTSE Negotiations Update #1

    March 15, 2018

    OFTSE met with the district negotiating team on March 15, 2018.  This was the first session to negotiate a new three-year contract.  The district introduced their team and new legal counsel for this cycle.  Both sides presented the rationales behind their package of proposals and sought clarification to many of the ideas presented.

    Most alarming to the Unions’ team, the district suggested it has the legal authority to suspend the unit share in its current form, as well as any projected salary increases, when the contract ends on June, 30, 2018.  In response, OFTSE stated that they are in complete disagreement with the district’s position and strongly emphasized our understanding that contract would be in full force until a new contract agreement is reached.  However, both sides stated that their preferred way forward would be to work together towards a negotiated agreement that is fair to both sides.

    Of additional concern, the district presented numerous proposals that would significantly diminish the working conditions of our members.  These include:

    • Raising class sizes and maximum student contacts without compensation.
    • Making teachers and counselors attend meetings during all collaboration days.
    • Weakening hard won job protections for coaches and others doing extra duty assignments.

    Amongst the most significant proposals shared by OFTSE, was a proposal to Article 16 (The Unit Share Formula) that would allow members to see continued salary enhancements for the duration of the new contract.  The union also shared its interest in finally creating a medical retirement bridge for those hired after 2004, who currently do not have access to retiree medical benefits.

    The next bargaining session will be on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. We encourage our members to stay engaged and informed moving forward. Our solidarity is our power!

    Your union negotiating team,

    Eric Montijo, Kassi Hawkins, Ko Tamura, Josh Chancer, Rob Edison, Carrie McDevitt, and Wes Davis CFT Field Rep