Certificated Negotiations Update #4

The fourth certificated negotiating session took place on Thursday, December3, 2015

Further tentative agreements were reached on issues of paternity/maternity/pregnancy leave, student discipline, and maximum student contact rate for teachers who teach a sixth period.  OFTSE also presented a comprehensive “package” of what OFTSE feels are significant proposals that considers:

·      the interests of both parties with respect to the academic calendar (3 school years)

·      steps to offset the anticipated increase in STRS that will place unit share in a better position going forward to deal with increased expenditures (STRS)

·      improvements for adult education teachers.

The District will be taking this package proposal to the OUHSD School Board at the December 9th regular meeting. This package does not contain all of our proposals and we will continue to negotiate all other pending issues.

The next session is scheduled for Monday, December 14, 2015.

Your bargaining committee members are:

Wes Davis – OFTSE

Kassi Hawkins – OFTSE

Eric Montijo – Oxnard High School

Carri McDevitt – Channel Islands High School

Ko Tamura – Adult Education

Rob Edison – Pacifica High School

Mike Terman – CFT

December 3, 2015