Thomas Fire Workers Relief Fund

We are still in the early phases of rebuilding.  As our family and friends start to recover from the devastating effects of the Thomas Fire, here is how we can respond to fellow workers in need:

Donate to the Continue reading

Membership Meeting

The school year is back in full swing. Come to our first membership meeting of the school year! We will have negotiation news, free pizza and appetizers.

The meeting will take place on October 18, 2017 at BJs Restaurant 4651 Continue reading

Dodgers vs Marlins Trip May 21st


Back by popular demand, the OFTSE is sponsoring a trip to Dodgers Stadium. Here’s how, the first 100 members who pay the $25 refundable cash deposit get a seat on the bus. We will pick people up in Camarillo and Continue reading

Ten Reasons to Join your OFTSE

Top Salaries
The OFTSE has successfully negotiated to be amongst the best salaries in the Ventura County.

Fringe Benefits
The OFTSE works continually for you to the least out of pocket for benefit coverage compared to other districts in the Continue reading

What does your Union do for you?

• The Negotiating Table
• Salaries
• Health Benefits
• Working conditions
• Every step of the Grievance Procedure
• Meetings with the Superintendent
• All Board and Special meetings
• State and National Conventions Continue reading