Certificated Negotiations Update #2

The second certificated negotiating session took place on Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Most of the session was spent on proposed calendars and the different issues and difficulties associated with them, including OFTSE’s awareness that among its membership there is a wide range of feelings about what calendar would be most appropriate. For example, some prefer a traditional calendar, others a collegiate calendar, and others a phased in approach over several years. A great deal of time was spent exploring the challenges of each approach. The OUHSD Board of Trustees has made it clear that their bargaining team (District) has a mandate to secure a calendar that results in the first semester ending prior to winter break.

The next session is scheduled for Monday, November 30, 2015. The agenda will include a continuation of the discussion of calendars for the next three school years, as well as negotiating proposals including maternity/paternity/pregnancy leave, safety, student discipline, and an increase in the rate of pay for any teacher who subs during a prep period.

Your bargaining committee members are:
Wes Davis – OFTSE
Kassi Hawkins – OFTSE
Eric Montijo – Oxnard High School
Carri McDevitt – Channel Islands High School
Ko Tamura – Adult Education
Rob Edison – Pacifica High School
Mike Terman – CFT

November 9, 2015